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Mum: What does it feel like being 11? 

Roy: I feel old enough to say my age now. Am not 10 anymore. 
💘Mum: What don't u like about the new age. 
Roy: Becoming lazy and taller.

Favorite sport: Basketball

What u do for leisure: Swim, draw and again play basketball. 

Make a wish: To improve my grades. 
I want to be a great person.
 To improve my basic answers. You know mum..  
What do u mean? 
 Like one who People look up to. 
 Love conversations with people. 




  1. Oh dear are indeed a gifted artist...I like your drawings. We should collect them....may be one day you will have a gallery of your own. I am so happy for you and your new age. May the good Lord grant your heart's desire as you begin this year and may he amaze you with his love, goodness and faithfulness. I love you and miss you Roy but have you in our thoughts and prayers.


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