Book Title: Follow Me.     Author: David Platt.
As a believer in Christ, when you read the Bible, you discover that Jesus is the only
way to heaven. You get to understand that those who die apart from Christ face a
horrifying future. Yet, for whatever reason, you’ve made little effort to warn your
family and friends. You pass by them daily without saying a word to them about
Jesus Christ. Perhaps as you read this, you’ve began to look at your life and think,
‘This doesn’t make sense! Either, I don’t really believe the
Bible or I’m extremely unloving. I’m more concerned about
being rejected than I am about someone else’s eternal
destiny.’ If this is where you are, then that’s great! You are exactly
where the author of follow me wants you to be.
Davit Platt is the lead pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in
Birmingham. He seeks to point the reader to see that following Jesus
Christ involves losing your life – and finding a new life in Him. He
explores not only the gravity of what we must forsake in this world, but also the
greatness of the one we follow in this world.
As a believer, I’ve been struggling to find out what Jesus meant when He in
Matthew 16:24 says, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny
himself and take up his cross and follow me” In Follow me, Platt explains
what this looks like for disciples of Christ today.
In the first chapters, he lays the foundation of what it means to be a believer. He
cautions that as a follower of Christ, your relationship with Jesus and your status
before God are not based on a decision you made, a prayer you prayed, a card
you signed or a hand you raised however many years ago. And the Christian life
does not ultimately begin with inviting Jesus to come to your heart. The invitation
comes from Him. Even before you were born, God was working to adopt you.
Christianity therefore, does not start with an invitation we offer to Jesus Christ,
but an invitation Jesus Christ offers us.
Seeing things from this perspective changes everything. When you realize the
supremacy of the one who has invited you to follow Him, you realize that He is

worthy of more than church attendance and casual association; He is worthy of
total abandonment and supreme adoration.
In the chapters that follow, Platt explains that in following Jesus, He makes us
fishers of men. He transforms everything about our lives, our thoughts, our
desires, our will, our relationships and ultimately, the very purpose for which we
In follow me, we are challenged to see that, if Christianity merely consists of a list
of dutiful dos and don’ts on top of principles to believe and practices to observe –
many of which are similar to every other religion – then we don’t have much to
share with the world.
From the book, my mind shifted from always asking God what His will for my life
is (He has already made His will known in His word) to asking Him to align my life
with the will He has already revealed. To simply knowing and trusting Him to help
me walk in His will on a moment-by-moment, day-by-day basis.
I recommend this book to all followers of Christ to point them to living out God’s
will and any unbeliever who would want to know what is means to be a follower of Jesus.

written by Triza ...... who i am priviledged to walk with,,,,,


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