SONI'S (my childhood name) BIO. MY LIFE AS A CHILD.

Born April 1981 in Ngong where my parents lived before they separated and my elder brother and I moved with mum. Our firstborn was on campus then and we had no relationship at all because of the age difference, I didn't see him. I was then less than 5 years so I barely remember anything. My first Gillian Memory was when I was in nursery and our teacher Mrs. Kina while passing us out to join primary had one more handle, that was to cross my hand across the head and reach out for the ear. I failed that and it meant I was short for primary school. Surely that would have been unfair but thank God my mum spoke on my behalf and I joined primary. My memories flash to lower primary and the only thing I remember are my friendships ( Stella, Ruth, Daisy, Hilda, Muriithi, Mukami) and my family moments. My Dad was absent at this point and the only time I missed him was when we had to say what professions our Dad was, I asked my mum to tell me what profession he was so could always deal with that handle. He supposedly was  "an accountant",  My mum's family was very helpful in helping my mother who was now a single mum to settle. she purchased land and started construction meanwhile we lived in the house quarters of a hospital she worked in (Karurumo hospital).

 I in specific remember my mum's old brother uncle Sammy who always checked on us on a weekly basis as well as picked us to church every Sunday. He stood out for me during that season as the greatest support system we had. I was a sickly child suffering from ranges of Asthma, Malaria and other diseases and sincerely speaking I didn't know I would be alive up to now.  One day after my brother's biology class, he came home and found me on the couch not able to breathe and he told me his new understanding of asthma and that I wasn't going to survive. 
By that age, every agemate of my stature was keen on going to boarding school and I also wasn't going to be left behind despite my mom's fears of my health. 
I went to Sacred Heart primary school and this was 4 years I will never forget, they were marked with punishments, missing home, falling sick at night and loneliness. I dread this experience and hope that no child ever goes through this. The environment was too harsh and I couldn't excel in my studies neither. 
Now when I look back i know that I got lots of stamina from there since I had to survive, doing laundry and taking care of my clothes otherwise learning to pick from the hanging lines once you discover yours were picked, eating so little food as well as soo many rules especially from one and only matron.  I turned out very naughty and rude and I was known in the whole school for all the bad things. Surely there was never going to be any hope for me and my mum kept insisting that I will never amount to anything and that I behaved like a premature.  I failed my end of primary exams and every family member was frustrated with me since they were comparing me to all other relatives (agemates) who were doing far better. My brother especially told laughed me off since he was a veterinary doctor by then, meaning he was a high scholar. 
The destination school which most of my relatives went through was one I couldn't qualify so I was supposed to go to a different school but my mum decided I should go to a school near home since surely she thought she was wasting money. 
That was the talk of the family and village as I shamelessly went to a Harambe school (Kathunguri sec school)  to pass time supposedly. While there my grades improved and for once i as enjoying school especially because of this special friend who was my first boyfriend but no sooner did we finish few months than my mum discovered it through a birthday card sent to me and surely she wasn't ready to have me there so it was time to move at the second year and to a new girls-only school(Nthagaiya girls sec school).  memories are made of friends like Dan*2, Dorcas and Clement and the freedom the school offered. 
For sure in summary, my childhood was full of defeat, low self-esteem, hatred towards who I was. I was 100% sure that I would amount into nothing and these words were also repeated to me by my Mother, Big brother, and my teachers and I was measuring up to them.
By this time I was not keen on Christianity and though my mother ensured we went to church I had no commitment to Jesus.
its in my teens that I met Jesus... MY LIFE CHANGED 
read next on my life as a teenager.  


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